Festival of CAMOUFLAGED Art

International Festival of CAMOUFLAGED Art
13 november 2015

organisator/design/scenografie Virginie Moerenhout.

"What is art? How to camouflage it? Art camouflaged as commodity, as product, as object, as trash, as material, as propaganda, as food, as weapon, as art. Art as a virus, camouflaged to spread ideas faster."
A  project of collective creation, initiated in Manizales, Colombia, by:  Sarah Gonzalez, Sebastian Rivera & SinQuenza Cornelius Quenza.  Maastricht edition by Virginie Moerenhout.
ONE PAGE A4 B/W: More than 45 artworks from 23 countries.

Performing as part of the expo Circle Circus • Hoop Dance Maastricht  and Josine Rijkelijkhuizen. Violin by Max Swagemakers en Hans Daniel  van Dorssen, Martial arts performance by Carlo & junior Bonnie, 
Video projection from Arjen Zuidgeest, Lorenzo Rietveld, 
Music from Agrabah / Fran Marcos, Dzjengis Clan and Ivo van Megen.
Art-Bar-ladies Loes Brok and Mareike Smolka dressed by Solmode.
On  display the "Fire-tree" from Patrick Bastiaanse, the "witte Machine"  van Obed Verbeek and the Blenderbike from Hu Ramboraket with  blender-bike-boy Sina. Kaleidoscope by Arek Laskowski.  Video Drone by  Christopher Wiggins. Poembike sponsered by De Krakende Fiets and  Nightscapes Productions. Eikel Kino's starlights sponsered by Theater a/h Vrijthof.
Project registratie Bert Janssen.
Photobooth by Swampwood, photographer Bert Janssen
Artworks Maastricht:
Mohsen Zare/ Iran
Ivan Vallejo/ Colombia, 
Javier Perez Aranda/ Spain
Chiara Bertin/ Italy
Fernan mejia ceballos/ Colombia
Sergio Blandon Quintero/ Colombia
Romy Arden Lanel/ Israel
Yasaman Owrang/ Iran
Lara Gavriely/ Israel
Fabio Sousa/ Portugal
Gregori Gallego/ Spain
Osvaldo Cibils/ Uruguay
Gabriel Nils Edvinsson/ Sweden
Karanos Akis/ Greece 
Mar/ Iceland
Sebastien Trihan/ France
Pol Parrhesia/ Bulgaria
MarIa Alvarez / Spain
Nicolas Barrera/ Colombia
Cristina Iglesias Garcia/ Spain
Cristina Asensio/ Spain
Adva Karni/ Israel
Inga Erdmane/ Latvia
Fabian Oettel/ no country
Marita Wrong/ Slovenia
Sr D/ Chile
Dirk Sorge/ Germany
Matt Lee/ India
Frank Lahera O Callaghan (Locomalo)/ Cuba
Sepideh Raiesi/ Iran
Veit-Henning Schmoll/ Germany
Joaquin Madera Gamo/ Spain
Domenico Barra/ Italy
Yris Blasco Rodrigo/ Spain
Philipp Honing/ Germany
Klaus Pinter/ Austria
Zohar Doron/ Israel
Amanda Shirlow/ UK
Claude Chuzel/ France
Justine Figueiredo/ France
Sin Quenza/ Here and There
Johannes Langkamp/ Netherlands
Celeste Cubero/ Spain

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