Dada, the Revolt of Art
“Onzin tegen de waanzin”
A hundered Year Dada Birthday Bash
An exhibition of various artists, music, readings, lectures, film and more...

Friday 15 januari 2016

Initiator/organisator/curator/design/scenografie Virginie Moerenhout
What is Dada? Dada is elusive, paradoxical, absurd, surrounded by myths and hilarious stories.
The  great influence of Dada: both the CoBrA movement as Provo may call  himself heir to Dada, and Surrealism, the Situationists, Fluxus, Pop  Art, Monty Python's Flying Circus and the punk movement - Dada has  produced many children ...
Dada  is the absurd answer to the absurdity of war, a biting satire on the  complacency of the bourgeoisie, a distorting mirror in which the  laughable "rationality" of "civilization" is mirrored and then assuming  the form of a Medusa who with her look of terror petrifies spectators.  Dada is, in short, the jester with jokes but in a bitter and desperate  mood true a culture that scourges itself in lies and false pretence..
Dada or Dadaism was an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century.
Dada-Photo-Booth with photograper Ralf Rafee and Thijs Spiertz
At the openings event here was a lolly-lady/sugar-dealer, a hush hush alcohol-vendor and a Minister of Silly Walks. 'Free party pills' donation based.
And you can buy Dada-Do-It-Your-Self gift-boxes, Ravensburg-Dada-draw next to the lines kits ectra.

Lectures by Bart Jan de Graaf, culture historian from Sittard, Auke Boersma on the Provo movement and   Hans Plomp will read from his own Dada-novel; Lokomotive and will give a  lecture on the role of women in Dada and androgyny in Surrealism.

'écriture automatique' and Cadavre exquis (text and graphic). Dada Poetry Generator and a Doorgeef-wardrobe.

Performances by Jacques Reiners, Hjördís Guðmundsdóttir, Theun W, Sanna Circle, Acrobatics by Celice Sgroi and radio from the Ultra Amateuristische Omroep - Unprofessional Broadcasting Network.

Music from Betonfraktion and Djengis Clan.
Group expo by; Olivier Roosenburg, Helena v.d.Wusten, Peter Soudant,  Arek Laskowski, Loes Brok, Bernadette Huijbers, Mareike Smolka, Marc de  Vree,  Frederick Michielsen, Bert Janssen (sculpture), Armand Westheim, Jeroen Evertz, Blackwater,  Meta Weltens, Katrin Henss
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